Gross Reservoir, located in Boulder County, Colorado, is owned and operated by Denver Water. Just a short drive from Boulder, Gross Reservoir offers tremendous, but primitive outdoor experiences. Lots of shade lots of walking areas. Walnut1313 would stay here again. There is a permenant fire ban due to residential houses being so close to these sites. This is a platform for sharing campgrounds and camp sites you have discovered. We hope you enjoy the same style of camping. Campsites were great, road was fine. Gross Reservoir is about an hour and half from Boulder, so it was really enticing to get up there for a weekend camping trip. We recognize that Gross Reservoir is a popular recreation area and over the years have talked with many visitors and recreators at Gross Reservoir. If everyone contributes a few campsites, we'll all have more places to go camping. Gross is fed by South Boulder Creek. After driving down a series of long dirt trails, you get to the camp grounds. The col… if gates are open you can drive further towards the lake from that lot. 1#V9 2#V0 See Inset Above # 22 3 … Some are within walking distance of the Gross Reservoir Campground but I do not know what their restroom policy is. We had a ranger walk down to the campsite to make sure no one was having fires because of the ban and he was really cool, didn't hassle us and gave us a warning about a bear in the area. Directions (from Boulder): Take CO-119 West about 5 and a half miles. It had a fire ring (fortunately the fire restrictions had been lifted when we were there), level campground and beautiful scenery. Gross Reservoir is about an hour outside of Boulder and is home to great dispersed camping, numerous hiking trails, and a small amount of climbing. Hello, there are two ways to this area. It's really Gross Reservoir. Turn left onto Co Rd 68 for 2 miles. You can go fishing, hiking, camping, paddling and picnicking here; take out a boat, too, but no motors allowed. Storm over Indian Peaks . Just up there today. There is a public restroom when entering the site area. It was built for water storage and as a regulating facility for waters from the Western Slope transferred through the Moffat Tunnel. We hung our trash half assed in a tree and kept our food about 20 yards away and had no issues. Stayed here in a 23 foot-long Trailer (RV). Fun scrambling up this gully. Usable If you have a good Jeep or a lifted 4x4, it is a blast getting to camp. Provide $1 million to the Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Management group to … Our focus is on public lands. Drove up there today. jeffjessrhoden would stay here again. Attempted to get to this location in a 144 2x4 Sprinter. There are no drive up camping spots near the water. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Randy would not stay here again. The view there is incredible and temperature is cooler than Denver or boulder due to the elevation. This was my first visit to either Gross Reservoir or Winiger Ridge. They are calmer and more obedient if they have free roam. Free campgrounds can be hard to find. Boosted. Whether you enjoy tent camping, car camping or RV camping, our goal is to help you find the best places to go camping. We believe that free camping areas are often the most beautiful and peaceful camp sites. The map showed they closed Forest Rd 359 at CR-68. Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. Environmental Commitments. Required fields are marked, Next level hosting generously provided by. Unusable Technical Rating. This is a rugged spot for tents, but make sure you’re in the right spots. bar4 Posted by 2 days ago. We too Magnolia out to some other campground with a few dispersed camping areas there. Carry-on boating has allowed Gross to become a frequent fishing destination for Front Range anglers. Boating – Boating is permitted, but motors are not. It will not know of FR and lead you down Lazy Road which will not be correct. The reservoir is managed by the Baker Dam Reservoir Association. Note that if you plan on kayaking/canoeing you will be carrying your boat about 1/4 mile to the resovoir so a dolly would help a lot. Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered. The road up to the reservoir was terrifying. Verizon service was about 2 bars of 1x at the parking lot which was enough to send a text and make a call. The 20 or so campsites are dispersed in the forest and marked with a number and fire ring. If not find a place to turn around or back your way out because it is a one lane road. to Flagstaff Rd., continue climbing for 9 miles to Gross Dam Rd. save. We have a very small pop-up so being by the water wouldn't be an option. But it was pretty. A 4x4 is recommended on the dirt road heading up to the lake. Gross Reservoir, named after Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross, was completed in 1954 and doubles as a water source for Colorado front range communities and a great nearby recreation area. Usable Parking was convenient and close. It was also dark when we arrived. bar4 They can be contacted via phone at (303) 541-2500 for pricing, directions, reservations and more. Add Your Photos. For geo cachers magnolia view is just yards away. bar1 Camping is free and is on a first-come first-served basis. I will not go down that way due to brake issues i may run into. Boosted. While spring and fall provide the best fishing opportunities, Baker Dam Recreation Area is open year-round. The vast majority of people using Gross Reservoir for recreation are from Boulder County. Click here to read more. You own these lands and you are entitled to use them. While I saw some non4x4 cars there, I would not recommend it. You may stay 14 Days at Gross Reservoir. 7,800' Duration. Winiger Ridge is known primarily as a dispersed camping area but there are some fun trails with nice views of the foothills as well as Indian Peaks/James Peak Wilderness. The east side of the reservoir is open year-round, and open to boating from May to September, but the west side is closed during the winter. There are enough Wal-Mart and truck stop directories out there already. We just camped here this past weekend. This has not happened to me before and I drive up to dispersed camping weekly around Denver area. Click here to leave a review and improve this listing! This feature is not available right now. Yes, road has deep ruts. #V1 #V #V3 #2 4 5#V #V 6 #V #V #V #V 10 8 9 7 #V11 #V 12 #V 13 #V14 #V15 #V#V#V # # # 16 17 18 26 25 23 24!i 359.1A 359.1P Forsythe Canyon Trail 21 # #!!!! Boris_159 would stay here again. The spots along the road are just that - right on the road - so they seemed dusty and noisy as the road is busy. Camping is free and is on a first-come first-served basis. best. Have you been there? Camping by Gross Reservoir near Boulder Gross Reservoir tent camping. There were folks up there in Subaru Outbacks and Suzuki Suvs. Possible recommendation for tent camping only, certainly not a travel trailer, that's for sure. Road is narrow one lane, there are bypasses for traffic to squeeze past one another. Debra Gilles would not stay here again. We have a F250 but it's 2Wd and it did fine. There was NO cell service. We stayed one night and moved on. Saying that a high clearance vehicle is a must is an understatement. 2 / 10. The road in is 4x4. 524. Not worth the stress and strain without adequate clearance. I was just out here last night and left today, but we didn't get to the lake at all. how far were you from the lake? Be aware that dispersed sites are primitive with no restrooms or facilities apart from a firepit. We give you a simple, map based search engine to find free and cheap camping areas. The camp road is very washed out and rutted due to heavy rainfall this year. Colorado be like. Thank you! any car or trailer would be fine. The road becomes 1 lane and is fine for a high clearance vehicle. bar3 I have not been here, but the Forest Service shows that dispersed camping is allowed along the road East of this point. bar3 You have to park in the lot and walk your things down. The east side, for day trips and picnics, is managed by Denver Water as its one of our water supply reservoirs filled with melted Colorado snow. Cellular Signal Bars The road is very steep, use caution when proceeding downhill - burnt out my brakes. Came here to camp based on these reviews but the road was blocked off with a large locked gate and had a sign saying end of public road, no vehicles allowed. Would be great for tent camping and preferably with a high clearance vehicle otherwise definitely would not recommend this place. I have been at the top of the hill on magnolia dr just before it turns to dirt road twice now. bar4 So bring some heavy sleeping gear. Drive to CR68 to reach 359. The campsite was beautiful, kinda stinks that you cant swim but the views were worth it. no comments yet. any car type can take the 119 way and its much faster. bar1 It was apart of a hunting area once. The Damn RD is pretty steep at times and coming back down we took Flagstaff Road back into Boulder and it is a much better drive back down. Send Trail to Phone. Makes life that much easier. Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. T-Mobile4G/LTE Aerial video of Gross Reservoir near Boulder, Colorado. Magnolia drive is quite steep, and tight switchbacks for several miles, so careful with your brakes, or watch tranny temps if you are towing. Be the first to share what you think! We especially like camping on Forest Service land, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas, WMA's (Wildlife Management Areas) and county or city parks. Jeff Martin, Denver Water’s program manager on the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project sits for an interview about the project goals, core values and minimizing inconvenience to our neighbors. It serves as a combination storage and regulating facility for water that flows under the Continental Divide through the Moffat Tunnel. Hidden due to low comment rating. Completed in 1954, the reservoir has a surface area of 440 acres, and the spillway sits at 7,225 feet elevation.The reservoir receives water from the western side of the Continental Divide through the Moffat Tunnel. Primitive camping is allowed on the west side of Gross Reservoir in Roosevelt National Forest from Memorial Day until the first snowfall. ive got a popup that i was thinking of towing with my tahoe (thats lifted) but was the drive there really that bad or scary? There is a stage 2 fire ban at this time, so no use of the fire ring. Usable Roaming It meant camping wasn’t too … Gross Reservoir is located at Forest Service Road 359 Nederland, CO 80466. Best Time. It’s a narrow dirt road with a steep drop on one side. There is one campground at Gross Reservoir, perfect for off-grid, off-road tent camping. One tip is when you are on HWY 68, turn when you see a parking lot with restroom as the FR is not well seen from 68. There are no RV hookups. The 20 or so campsites are dispersed in the forest and marked with a number and fire ring. Gross Reservoir is perched at 7,500 feet above sea level, located above Boulder along the South Boulder Creek Drainage. You can simply use your smart phone's GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip planner to plan your route from coast to coast. bar2 Gross Reservoir. I was there June 2013. just take it easy as there are some rocks in road but only 2-3" high. We do not recommend. 0 comments. Gross Res is a stunning alpine body of water that is open to the public for free. It’s open from July through September. Besides how beautifully preserved this area is, my favorite part was letting the dogs off the leash. You have to come in off Highway 72. The road is now back open though. The dam, which is slated to be raised as part of the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project, rises 340 feet above the South Boulder Creek streambed. It was built for water storage and as a regulating facility for waters from the Western Slope transferred through the Moffat Tunnel. We are community driven, and while we will be adding many free camping spots, we hope that you will add some of your favorite camping places as well. Recommend getting in by or before 4pm on weekends, lot of folks use this place. Oh and must add the canyon drive up from Boulder is very steep. The last time I went camping was right after high school so I’m thankful we took an easier route and camped 100 feet from the car. Gross Reservoir, CO. Photo: Gross Reservoir, CO. Photo:, Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area. Cellular Signal Bars This is a great area to go to if you have a high clearance vehicle and 4x4. Cheryl would not stay here again. Named for Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross, the reservoir was completed in 1954. bar3 Photos of Gross Reservoir - 7. We suggest you try a touring boat or two and tour this lake. Engineer Dwight D. Gross, the reservoir was completed in 1954. Stayed here with my wife and pup over memorial weekend. Pit toilet at the start of the road, and ground rocky so I recommend a portable toilet for #2's if you don't want to drive to the toilet. Definitely not extreme terrain or anything very technical, but enough to put a smile on your face, if you're into that, or a look of terror on your passenger's face, if they're not. Moderate 4wd about 1/2 mile long. VerizonVoice 4x4 ROAD.....beware. Gross Reservoir was completed in 1954 and named for Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross. With over 10 miles of shoreline and awesome car-camping sites, the reservoir makes for a perfect weekend camp and boat trip. how many sites are there total? My F150 made it in fine, but my skid plates were tested by a few rocks. The campground locations in this area are NOT for anyone but tent campers that have a 4x4. We spontaneously decided to go camping here and had the time of our life ! Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. The first 5 spots, before i wisely decided to turn around, I saw were not very level. About Gross Reservoir. Gross Reservoir is free to the public, has fishing, hiking, picnicking, camping and paddling. The only thing missing was some water near, but there are some other sites near the reservoir. This secluded lake lies about halfway between Boulder and Nederland, some 45 minutes to each. on left, follow signs to … Jul 2, 2014 - Gross Reservoir is a well-kept secret just 45 minutes outside of Denver. NOT do-able in a Honda Civic. If you can make it in, you will undoubtably enjoy your time. You definitely need a 4x4 car the road once you turn on 359 is rugged but I find that to be awesome. Good luck! Roaming Carry-on boating has allowed Gross to become a frequent fishing destination for Front Range anglers. Coming off Hwy 72 on the Damn Rd is not bad. There were several pop-up campers in the area, as well as a full 25-30 foot rv which I don't know how he got there. 2015 trip with Chris and the McWilliams bros. Scoped it out and decided to keep looking. I camped at a dispersed site just behind the sign that tells rule for camoing ect in Roosevelt national park. 68/359 parking area. We camped at site 359C which was about the third site in. Additionally, they're pretty close together and seemed to lack privacy. If you would rather leave a review, Your email address will not be published. The road was not bad in mid July 2017. Please try again later. So weekend traffic is fine but during the week access is limited to coming in from Hwy 72 and Gross Dam Rd. 81 comments. Gross Reservoir, located in Boulder County, Colorado, is owned and operated by Denver Water. Roaming Skeeterman would stay here again. Drive on through to road 359 that leads down to lake there are like 20+ camp sites including another paved parking lot that hold like 30 cars. Anyone know if Gross reservoir is still open for camping? Land to the west of the lake is part of the Roosevelt National Forest and is managed by the Boulder District. The people were super nice although there was broken glass everywhere which is unfortunately the tax for free camping. We were in a high clearance 4wd but saw several small cars at the parking lot so it's doable. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the boulder community . Further on the forest road 359, there Are other campsites along the road...getting there will be your challenge! Twinsisters off Magnolia does not reach 68 or the camp area. I made it as far as the horse trailer parking area in my 23' travel trailer before turning around and returning to Boulder. Trail Overview. bar5 My 1 ton dually, 4wd did OK but with the truck camper on it was difficult. Art Hirsch: Gross Reservoir: Expansion not a done deal. Completed in 1954, the reservoir has a surface area of 440 acres, and the spillway sits at 7,225 feet elevation. Uncover Colorado - Vacations, Travel & Tourism | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. Gross Reservoir is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as moderate. not recommended with any type of trailer. Stayed here in a 21 foot-long Passenger Vehicle. The trail down to the reservoir is only about a mile each way, but is a fun little walk with lots of shade and a little waterfall towards the end. Gross Reservoir, named for Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross, was completed in 1954. AT&T4G/LTE bar2 Dispersed camping a few miles off the highway. The Camping side is shut down for renovations. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Primitive camping is allowed on the west side of Gross Reservoir in Roosevelt National Forest from Memorial Day until the first snowfall. I think a 4x4 Sprinter could crawl up the hills and handle the ruts much better then we could. Very pretty area for the parts we saw. We took the road all the way to the end and got the best spot right on the lake. report. Click here to see. Unusable Gross reservoir. one has a 4wd path that comes in from Boulder -baseline/flagstaff/lakeshore dr/68. Do you imagine this would be a problem for me? The site and map refer to this as Gross Lake. I wouldn't try it in a honda civic but a 2wd higher clearance vehcile should be fine if it's dry. There are 6-15 campsites at this location. It was even near a hiking path with no facilities. Our community provides the best free camping information available. By sharing camping information freely, we can all spend less time researching campgrounds, spend less money, and more time camping. We made it about a mile and a half or so from the reservoir, but the ruts in the hills were too deep, and rather then risk suspension damage, we went back to the main parking lot. Pit bathrooms are only at the top. We pulled a high wall pop up camper with some harrowing, nail biting moments on some of the trails. I said I wouldn't come back simply because there are more exciting camp sites to be found. July 7, 2015 Categories Colorado camping, Colorado, Gross Reservoir Leave a Comment on Camping trip to Gross Reservoir. The small creek runs noisily in spring, forming small, picturesque waterfalls and cascades finally ending at the far northwestern tip of Gross Reservoir. The instructions on this site are better to use. bar2 524. The reservoir has great fishing and motorless boating, as well as some … From Boulder take Baseline Rd. Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. share. Camping trip to Gross Reservoir. We did end up parking in the main lot for a night, and didn't see any other people. JULY 13th, 2014 Gross Reservoir has a surface area of 440 acres at full pool and 10.9 miles of shoreline. There are fingers of the lake to explore and to disappear into. This is a response to the above comment. I went camping this past weekend with Gene, Kaitlin, and Kevin. bar5 makes it easy. At least 30 minutes to the nearest store for supplies. Unusable Branden would stay here again. My truck overheated. We stayed in site #6 and found it pretty easy to get to, but we did use AWD several times. The best spots by the lake aren't accessible by car. Gross Reservoir is managed by Denver Water. The side to camp on is the west side and it's managed by Roosevelt National Forest service (and a bit trickier to get to). I have a 4WD Mitsubishi Outlander Sport but it doesn't sit up very high. bar5 Quite and safe. It is reported that this is not good for RVs. hide. Lots of ragged rocks and high points that can take out your under carriage...ask yourself if you want to chance damaging your car. the other easier is 119/ magnolia/ all the way to 68 make a left. Cellular Signal Bars Do any of you know this area? We arrived on Thur 9-27-18 and stay to 10-2, but we soon found out that these campsites are used by local teen agers to blare their music and ride there dirt bikes, very rude local kids.

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