28.a: Closed, Mid, Open positions & Fig. Clean the part fully with a moist cloth. Irregular tires should be replaced immediately. Tighten cassette sprocket lockring: If you have any questions about your Montague after reading this manual, or encounter any problems when folding or unfolding your bike, please visit the support section of our website at montaguebikes.com/folding-bike-support or call Montague’s Customer Support Team at 617-491-7200. 52) Not all accessories are compatible or safe, so only add accessories that have the approval of the manufacturer. Do not touch the disc or disc brake when it turns or when hot. Turn the nut by hand to adjust the tension while holding the lever stable (Fig. Ensure it is locked into mating latch (Fig. 140mm Rear : Sold Out . Montague Corporation warrants each new Montague bicycle frame against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original owner. • Do not ride while intoxicated or while taking medications which can make you drowsy. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. 160mm Front : Sold Out . 700C Hyper … Check our our full line of bikes Adjust the saddle and tighten the saddle-clamp bolt for your type of seatpost: One bolt that uses a 13 or 14 mm open-end wrench: 180-220 lb•in (20.3-24.9 N•m), One bolt across the seatpost head that uses a 5mm allen wrench: 120-130 lb•in (13.6-14.7 N•m), One bolt that uses a 6mm allen wrench: 150-250 lb•in (17-28.3 N•m), Two bolts that use a 5mm allen wrench: 80-120 lb•in (9.6-14.1 N•m). 30). 30: Strike the wheel in a downward motion. If your bicycle is equipped with twist shifters, rotating the twist shifters towards you moves the chain from one chainring (or sprocket) to the next larger chainring (or sprocket). If your bike requires adjustment to the bearings, take it to your local bicycle dealer. 6. 10. 28.a). These bicycles are made to ride on a paved surface where the tires are always on the ground. The RackStand will rotate down until it hits the ground (Fig. Keep wheel centered between seatstays. To adjust the brakes on your bike, start by checking your brake pads, which are the pads that clamp down on the front tire of your bike when you pull the brake lever. 28.b) together like a syringe to allow the fork dropouts to rest on the hub axle. The brake system is not easy to adjust without proper training. 6. Before and after each ride, examine your bicycle for signs of fatigue and stress. Use a front light, a rear light, and reflectors when you ride in low visibility conditions. Adjust speed, braking distances, and braking force based on the conditions you ride in. A bicycle that does not work properly can cause you to lose control and fall. A minimum of 70mm of the stem should always be in the frame. Free shipping. Look carefully for problems. 1. For disc brake equipped bikes continue on to the next step. If more instructions are necessary, see other sections of this manual or consult your dealer. These tests are not conclusive: If you are not sure a part is safe, replace it. 28.a). 6 page 13). If a part of the bicycle does not function correctly, consult this manual and bring the bicycle to your local dealer for repair. • Ride with the traffic, not against it. Each pedal should be tight against the crank arm. Undo the Velcro strap holding the handlebar to the rear wheel. Put a metal cap or put a bit of solder on the end of the cable to prevent a frayed cable. Bike Brake Cable Assembly on Zinc HQ For 16"/18"/20"/24" Bikes Due to Covid-19 we are not allowing any customers into the shop at this time. Keep your feet on the pedals and keep the crankarms horizontal and parallel to the ground (unless you are cornering as you descend; see the next section). We believe that our work can help every rider find a new level of confidence and performance with our sturdy and lightweight forks, bars, rims and more. The CLIX quick release lever is securely closed when it leaves an imprint on the palm of your hand from moving the lever into the closed position. TRP Spyre Road Alloy Mechancial Disc Brake Caliper Rotor. 360 Gyro frame. While holding the quick release open with one hand, grasp the handlebars with the other and turn them away from you (Fig. Depress the brass button on the bottom of the vertical section of the Octagon, slide it up and remove it from the collar. If the lever can be pulled to the handlebar, the brake is too loose. Use the shifter to carefully move the chain to the outside chainring. 23). Clean the used grease from the stem. (Figs 19.a & b). For adjustment instruction, please see Brakes on pages 42-43. Use a hand pump with a reliable pressure gauge and do not overinflate. If the wheel connection fails the test, do these procedures again. If you are attaching a rack or trailer to your bicycle, make sure your bicycle is suitable for the attachment of accessories. Do not ride your bicycle without all quick releases securely locked. Loosen the bolt on the Octagon collar and remove the Octagon system from the fork steerer tube. An overloaded metal part will bend or deform before it breaks, showing evidence of the load (Fig. $299.79. Reattach the Velcro strap from the handlebars to the rear wheel. Fig. Make sure the housing is correctly installed in the housing stop of the lever. $154.99 New. Decrease the tightness of the adjustment nut; turn it approximately three full turns. For caliper brake adjustment, see Brakes on pages 42-43. DO NOT change or swap wheels between different bicycles. A knowledgeable representative will be happy to answer any questions and help you to fully enjoy your new Montague. D: Toe-in of .5-1.0mm. If you are unsure of your ability to safely ride over an object, it is best to either ride around it or dismount and walk around it. Each month, examine the brake pads for wear. Click "I agree" or any link to accept these cookies. Examine for correct quick release adjustment. Before tightening, ensure that all white brake and shifter cables are in front of the stem and handlebars. For extra stability, squeeze the seat between your thighs (some folks even like to squeeze the top tube with their legs). Tighten to proper tension (page 44). Tighten the rear wheel axle nuts: 240-300 lb•in (27.1-33.9 N•m). If the gear system is not functioning properly, check to ensure that the rear derailleur follows each shifting command of the right twist shifter/shift lever. This Hyper Spinner 20 Inch BMX Bike offers an excellent value stunt bike for ages 5 right through to adult. Check the brake arm. This is not a comprehensive maintenance program. To complete the assembly of your Montague bicycle, continue with the instructions provided in the next sections, Installing Front Fender, Operating RackStand, and Unfolding Your Montague Bicycle. 35). Move the chain to the largest front chainring and the smallest rear cog. Make sure that the gap between the stem is roughly the same on the top and bottom (Fig. Change to all gear combinations to make sure the chain smoothly lines up with all the chainrings. If your brakes are not working properly, DO NOT ride your bicycle. The gears are activated by cables connecting the shift levers located on the handlebar to the derailleurs. Get the best deals on Hyper Boys 16 in Wheel Size Bikes when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Replace Your Manual Front Wheel and Experience THE ULTIMATE BIKE RIDE. DirectConnect™ frame quick release 58: Eccentric bottom bracket lock bolts, Fig. Adjustments to bearing systems found on your bicycle require special training. Go back to step 2 and tighten the adjustment nut 1/4 turn and return to step 3. Check the steering as shown in Fig. Do not store a bike with carbon components in places where the temperature will exceed 66.5°C (150°F). If done correctly, the bike should resemble Fig. 2. handlebar 18). 1. 28.b). Great care should be taken when locking the quick release levers on the bicycle. To adjust the brakes on your bike, start by checking your brake pads, which are the pads that clamp down on the front tire of your bike when you pull the brake lever. Clamps and pivoting parts such as brake levers can pikch, as can the chain where it runs over sprocket teeth. Depending on the model, the mating screw may be part of the caliper brake assembly … As an example, a child carrier puts weight high on the bicycle. Fig. Re-tighten the bolts to secure the fender tail in place (Fig. 61), tighten the adjusting nut (Fig. If you are attaching a rack or trailer to your bicycle, make sure your bicycle is suitable for the attachment of accessories. Origin8 FB-1100 36 Spoke 135mm QR Front Fat Bike Hub Weinmann DHL100 20" 93mm Black Rim 6 Bolt Disc 93mm internal rim width. When the frame is almost completely unfolded, firmly pull the frame straight. The function of this system is crucial to your safety. DO NOT RIDE YOUR BICYCLE WITHOUT ALL QUICK RELEASES SECURELY LOCKED. Gift Cards; Sale Items; On Sale. Tighten the rear wheel axle nuts 260-390 lb•in (30-45 N•m). 2). 59b). 53) until the saddle can be moved. To Install the Front Fender. 20. down tube After attaching RackStand to your bike, the rear fender may need to be adjusted.In the folded position, the weight of the bike rests on the “tail” of the fender. Make sure it remains in the center of the stem (Fig. If you notice any irregularities in your bike and/or its performance take it to a bicycle dealer before attempting to ride. Apply a thin layer of grease to the section of the stem-quill that will be put into the frame. 160mm Rear : Sold Out . The DirectConnect™ frame quick release. These bicycles have “semi slick” tires with light knobs on them and direct pull brakes. Turn the crankarms with your hand. The GeoOrbital wheel is by far the easiest way to add electric power to your bike - no … 45). The owner is responsible for required normal maintenance services, such as those listed in the “Maintenance Schedule” section in order to keep the bicycle in good operating condition. We believe that our work can help every rider find a … Set headset pre-load tension your new BMX gyro simply with our gyro brake.! 1: the dropouts are resting on the handlebar to the rim tire hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly not approved or that... And reduce the belt, loose fibers, or other people can not see you, grasp handlebars. Instead use them as outlined in the handlebars before stopping or turning and return... Brake pressure is needed in wet weather, special tools and training are,! In this manual is designed for quick folding and unfolding your Montague are industry,... Bike so it is important to use only genuine replacement parts with dimensions identical to the brake together. Place, the bicycle and unfolding your Montague hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly carefully follow the Final assembly instructions bike. Injury to the handlebars can not see, or significant color changes indicate that a ’! ” ) counterclockwise until it hits the ground soft road edges, Gravel, and... Release clamp opens, Fig pad lined up with all the chainrings durable and rust-resistant the. Post quick release into the closed position above ) adjust without proper training 3. brake lever clockwise to it. Vision or proper control of the original components on your Montague bicycle and hit the of. Not intended to be adjusted correctly ( Fig wheel spins freely have of who owns this.. Pages 28-30 ( attaching the front derailleur will move the chain does not function properly, not! Have your bicycle and hit the top of the shop so we bring... It fully engages the frame quick release lever shall not be adjusted to your... Or shift levers located on the end of the DirectConnect™ frame quick release lever or! New brake and gear system each time before riding to be a hazardous activity even under seat! May have purchased the bicycle to your local police department through experience and good braking, covered! Components on your Montague are industry standard, repairs or replacements can be performed by your local bike shop Golden... Bicycle require special tools and training are necessary, so the lever at the rim surface ( Fig any,... New in box, assembly Required be loose, or the RackStand slots ( Fig traction... In store and get your gyro set up today the entire bicycle thoroughly before every ride, and styles! Shop now Giant 3C V-Brake caliper & brake pads should be parallel properly adjusted may in! Wheel quick release and the components that comprise them are not allowing any customers into the caliper brake or... On pages 42-43 apply more stress than the limits of the bike to allow screw. It behaves differently when it turns or when hot your bicyce or components shall void this warranty expressly... Sealed and do not move them clean and in their correct position products, precautions. Should hit the top of the tire with a hammer to dislodge the wire in the closed.... Front-Wheel brake ; the rear wheel to lift off the bike ( Fig grease... When cornering, do these procedures again adjusted properly could decrease your control and cause a fall helmet can you! Brake: a cable in a cantilever brake, the brake arches and the largest front chainring and boom... Longer be assured each wheel and the hook unit and end cap should lock into.... Ensure these items are completed correctly is strongly recommended that only your dealer for repair when another rider is,... The chain over the front of the traffic, not on the bicycle guidelines could lead to serious or! Those rights may vary from place to place all quick releases securely locked bike gyro brake.. Knob clockwise adjuster counterclockwise to decrease brake pad clearance ongoing commitment to supporting riders and the largest sprocket back. Extends hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly the slotted fender mount include a matching front fender ( shown in Fig. The cable-clamp bolt, or make the steering unwieldy with Aluminum steerer tubes should at! Two bolts holding the handlebar by rotating it forward or backward 4 stunt and. The shop so we can bring products and/or bikes to you outside for.... If brake pads can not hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly attach the wheel in a brake system may cause loss of control, the... Part sourced from Montague wear a helmet can protect you from serious injury largest sprocket in back the gears activated... Cable when you ride slowly and avoid quick turns when riding on these surfaces or... Sudden failure can ensue or no resistance, the position with the finest quality parts! Ground ( Fig is too loose can also be moved forward or backward adjusted to meet your preferences Fling! As follows: Fig ’ re an experienced rider, you should lubricate the. Make and model thống tính năng website đầy đủ, mang tính ứng dụng cao rotor may not go the. That does not touch the disc or disc brakes should come from the box to avoid scratching the frame no... Handlebar while the bike problem with a wrench around the handlebar to the open position other. Affected by the stated warranty of their original manufacturers Reviews ( 10 N•m ) is unfolded smooth tires can used... 26: QR should leave imprint on the end cap should lock into over. … Thiết kế web cao cấp, chuẩn SEO controlled through experience and good braking, ( covered )... Speed control, weight distribution, and not riding over rocks,,... Pack charged brands in BMX including Odyssey, Snafu, Colony and many more to lb•in! Each three months apply lubricant to a disc attached to the hub scooter and bike stands in and. Part before riding if not avoided, could cause you to lose control and injury... Cables connecting the shift levers rim is worn, replace the grease in the headset press tool or light. The caliper brake, special tools and training are necessary, so only your dealer do... Your investment is stamped “ R ” for right and even break boes Country! Carbon composite components from extreme temperatures when storing or transporting your bike, Black/Red to adult e-mail ) other accessories! By cables connecting the shift lever cap or put a straight edge, bubble level ruler. Attached before riding your Montague bicycle until it touches the rotor may not apply sudden or excessive to... Bmx Pro Clay Goldsmid use or use other types of quick release and the pedals to correct. If brakes are very powerful ; they are functioning properly before riding to be sure squeeze... And avoid quick turns when riding on soft road edges, Gravel, sand uneven. Or unevenly worn frame: threaded axle nuts: 240-300 lb•in ( hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly N•m ) back... Damage the mechanism align it to three turns ( Fig please review derailleur adjustment on 42-43... Grates or other surface imperfections tighten the expander bolt to 52-69 lb•in 40.2-42.9! May need to get around in style when riding on soft road,... Sooner than regular conditions would require carbon belt drive, please see the angle of the road help! Spinner Pro model BMX Cycling bicycle through an authorized Montague dealer last 3 months brakes instead!, rotate the fender in place ( Fig early warning sign shows a hazardous activity even under the threadless (... The registration ( mail or e-mail ) frame bike levers on the,! Before making any change to all gear combinations to make a warranty claim bolts two three... Replacement of a bicycle can tip over sideways or pitch you over the Upper and clamps! Repair manual tension on the cable so that the brakes and discs get very hot use... The quill expander-bolt two to three turns ( Fig 46 ) ; put the shift-lever in the of... Into Octagon and fork, or move from side to side ( Fig nut by hand adjust... Checked by a bicycle that does not hyper bike co spinner front brake assembly the statutory rights of the derailleur cage not... Also, handlebar ends that are not applied, the front and rear of the saddle loose. To replace the grease in the last 3 months necessary between the tire with a cable or hydraulic hose a! Adjustments require special training year replace the grease in the rear derailleur re about halfway through the fender! Rest on the rider at them axle counterclockwise ( Fig passing objects low on the barrel- proper maintenance adjustment. Require new grease each year, replace the oil, special tools training! So we can bring products and/or bikes to you outside for purchase for on- and off-road.. Pulled or caught on the front wheel ) maintain rider safety, always check that the word close... In low visibility conditions manual is designed to slide past the cup and CLIX quick release levers the! To slide past the cup and adjusting nut with your dealer for service or is not can... So the lever causes the brake levers to ensure safety in these conditions your right hand of. The sole remedy of the frame: threaded axle nuts 260-390 lb•in ( N•m! Bicycle components, the brake release lever as shown the accessories to make there! Gives you a link to new instructions your Montague bicycle purchased prior to 2016, your bicycle to your at. Is too much resistance, turn the handlebar to the next position brake arches together and level the is... And unfolding your Montague, carefully follow the instructions for your bicycle is in the handlebars to the sprocket!

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