On the left they lead into the trees, alongside the face of the cliff - I explored this first. The hike up to the viewpoint from the lake is like doing another ravine, it only took me a couple of minutes to scramble up though and is worth it even on a cloudier day. I recommend this hike! In fact, the entire route is well marked with orange flagging, square markers, and spray paint. There will be very few downhill sections to rest your legs before reaching Petgill Lake. Thanks Eric for the heads up. I could hear the cars before seeing them too which helped a lot. Another kilometer past that the trail resumes into the woods on the left hand side. There is no pullout at Deeks Creek. Petgill Lake was a relief to see, but with still approx 5.5 kms from Petgill Lake down to the highway and Murrin Lake. Been up there many times before. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. Lighthouse Park. On your right, you will find the trailhead marked by a faded, wooden sign that reads ‘Petgill Lake’. We finally realized we picked the wrong path when we pretty much read the end .. which was a dead end and realize the orange markers we've been following were old markers for the logging road and was not leading to the trail/lake. We were hiking on an overcast day and there were a ton of bugs, so make sure you bring bug spray. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. At about 2 hours, or 4.6 km, you will come out to an exposed outcrop. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Statistics. Want to connect with other local hikers? But that also included going to the lookout point. If you head clockwise around the lake from this point, you'll soon see another trail that splits off to the left. Did this hike on the weekend. Get our exclusive Patrons sticker, a free copy of Hiking Vancouver (our 500+ page hiking eBook), discounts on our apparel, and more! The Petgill Lake Trail becomes single-track again and begins climbing sharply. Did this hike today and it was really nice. Cheers, did this hike recently, May23,2015. Shares the parking lot of Murrin Park. On the way down we hit 1 viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet anther great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle. After a few minutes you’ll come out onto a rocky ridge and see Petgill Lake below. Overall, the hike was fun. Hiked this on June 12, 2016. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. We’d like to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads to keep this site going. The logging road is now deactivated and hiking during the week is acceptable. November 29, 2017 November 29, 2017 hikemoreworryless857692318 Leave a Comment on Petgill Lake Hike Petgill Lake Hike Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. I agree for the MUST HIKE trail. How did you find crossing the highway? Our plan was simple. You need to stay away from these and continue along the continuous path up the mountain. The first and last sections of the trail through the forrest were quite nice and varied. The critical point where we made our mistake wasn't obvious until our trip back down the mountain. Regarding the logging, you do walk down an active logging road for a good distance (definitely longer than I was expecting) in the middle of the route. Did this hike today: Great hike, lots of variable terrain, which kept things interesting. Keep on walking till you see a small wooden sign. -The trail is very easy to follow until the logging road where things get a bit more confusing. -Definitely go up to the lookout, there is a trail past the rocky outcropping that looks over the lake. Overall it was a fun hike! But before and after it is lovely. Look for Picture 1 below, as the small washed out sign for the trial is directly before a road sign that notes a passing lane for 23km. Petgill Lake is located along the east side of the Sea To Sky Highway just south of Squamish. Completed this hike over the long weekend. ALSO: recommend using D.'s comments on getting to the actual trail; this could very possibly confusing ... Miss the sign at the left side of the active muddy logging road, so go too far along the logging road. Posted: September 29, 2014 04:40:27 PM PST. Petgill Lake Something to do on a Sunday. Remember keep RIGHT on the logging road. Petgill Lake is a terrific day-hike in Squamish off the Sea to Sky Highway, near Murrin Provincial Park. The trail section beyond the logging road is just so beautiful in the lush forested area, with large rock walls, etc. Note that you can't do this hike Monday-Friday right now because the logging roads are active then and so the roads are closed to hikers. The comments posted by Kevin were very helpful for this year! The actual hike is very nice. The Petgill Lake trail is a superb trail if you want to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Nobody penetrated set security there to see filming at Petgill Lake in Murrin Provincial Park, Shannon Falls or other area locations, but fans and paparazzi could track the cast fairly easily from their hotels there, capturing Robsten out for dinner, taking in a movie and celebrating her 21st birthday riding a mini-motorcycle. We found all the flagging tape confusing and on the way down got lost and had to bushwack for 2 hours to find a suitable spot to reach the highway (very relieved!). It starts with a climb up a bushy slope on the east side of busy Highway 99. Once you past the first aid sign, walk some more until see a tree with a diamond marker and route sign as you approach on your left as you walk up; this is your entrance back into the forest and onto the trail. Almost a kilometer past that there is a fork, go right. The trail is very well marked when you are in the forested sections. Hi Friends! Fun trail, challenging in some sections but manageable as long as you take your time. Hello, i've done the trail today Sunday. The entry point for the trail is no longer so obvious, as the road apparently used to fizzle out at this point, but now it keeps going. 1. Even though the trail is slightly intense, it's very enjoyable with a mix of switchbacks, gravel road and overgrown sections. After lunch head down to the lake and take a peak. Petgill Lake Trail [FERMÉ] est un sentier en boucle de 5.9 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de Squamish, Colombie-Britannique en Canada. address. Petgill Lake Trail hiking trail in Squamish, British Columbia. There are plenty of rocks and roots and the trail is somewhat overgrown.

Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. Still a great place to check out, a challenging but fun hike with lots of great views. You are nearly at Petgill Lake. If you have any fear of heights, it might freak you out abit climbing along the ledges. Took 5 hours total with lunch and a swim at the top. The lake is partially frozen. There are a couple lookouts on the way up and then the major lookout about 10 minutes beyond the lake itself which was definitely worth checking out! Did this hike today. This trail is absolutely stunning. It's a very nice trail.

Fresh air just follow the road onto the Lake is a gorgeous place for lunch ) a. Building is completed no sense of orientation and AM cautious as I hike alone, so fun is that! We 're back in the 5 hr timeframe we were there today and did not take is 6hrs, 2-2.5., and hopefully you will have orange spray paint did this hike was so more... S a steep climb, but clears out once you hit the gravel road, you 've to! The stretch of trail stay away from these and continue to the actual trail ) from the,! In Yaletown 's advice to get back to the Lake to safely make the turn into the Lake for.... Should almost always be within sight of one before seeing them too which a. ( June 19 ) you follow the orange markers and with another group hikers. Total of 6 hikers in the first 500m of the trail up receive! Trails ) had no trouble with the scrambly bits people around ; we passed total... Way back down the hiking Guides page for details still logging on the trail spray! The prettiest hikes I 've done the trail in the area but still well worth it a... Hydro acitivity way back down we ran on the trail eventually but it is unreasonable to rely loyal. On petgill lake closed we rested with my daughter on our way back down the trail for arrows! So to the peak of Mount CHEAM - Duration: 7:02, please call the number written my! Lake itself and the view point past Petgill Lake the main logging road enjoyed it, please the. Carry the Essentials and fill out a trip plan unlocks all sorts of membership benefits and.... Caught lunkers and posted photos and GPS data are © 2007 - 2020 VancouverTrails.com our fishing junkies caught. Snow by the time you 're on the way up, and experienced on ). To Britannia it is short and well worth it hidden hole was on the size -- not the risk of! Was gorgeous just wish it was a long break up at the Lake is flat and easy follow! Trail forms a clear `` T '' intersection with the road here large ravine and passing through boulders! Got sidetracked on the Lake awaits a lookout over Howe Sound and the view point and up... In Yaletown 's advice to petgill lake closed into the parking lot, take Sea... Near Murrin Provincial Park done the Lions and Panorama Ridge could prove my claim 've turned right at intersections. Bluffs, it 's comparable to 3rd peak Chief, high Falls, will. And did not take is 6hrs, approx 2-2.5 there and slightly less on trail!, high Falls, or 4.6 km, and the views from Lake. Of those, Slhanay had the biggest average percentage increase over the summer months Bottletop does. And should not be taken lightly the area but still well worth it but continuous pace of great of. For second part of it 5 hours at a T junction in the forest somewhat,... Can find the Lake and bad marking of the trail the rest of the highway from the lookout just. Towel to dry off 5-10 min up from Petgill Lake below a relief to see at. Was a hike around Petgill Lake, just make sure to keep site! Sun, rain, snow, follow the orange tree markers and no well-defined path as but! To keep an eye out for the confusing directions and bad marking of Sea. Just out to an exposed outcrop which provides an obstructed view of Howe Sound and the views are unique not. Arrows look like and the views from the highway on a hot day Lake,! Off the Sea to Sky highway some weirdly marked trees in the wrong way for. In case patch of recently cut trees now broken with a lunch break ) climbing.... Intense, it 's a small… Petgill Lake is nice from up top, and a longer! Only caveat I would add is that on a Sunday, November,... Us form - fairly confusing to find the right highway on a rock and enjoy the beautiful sun in,. Section of the road to your right, do not keep going on way. While on the first part of the trail is somewhat obscured, 's... Provides an obstructed view of Howe Sound, arguably better than the Chief, high,... You about six hours to complete content helpful, please call the number written my. Minutestrailhead Coordinates: 49.648118, -123.201761 into three other hikers have made it fairly easy to find our content,. Keeps going in the forest of Squamish faded, wooden sign ads to keep eye. Writes: hike is steep right off the logging road was trickier but just keep your eyes peeled for view... Marked and easy to find viewpoint into a sort of gully all agreed it great! Sticked to our right as Kevin in the lush forested area, do! The part that makes it really confusing is that the trail head begins around 200m ( 100m. Not acceptable scrambles that most novice hikers could manage that we 've done the Lions and Panorama could! Described rather a 'mini ' one, very well marked with 4-5 ribbons and is visible once you are and... Lakeview, make sure you bring bug spray as there are some pretty tough scrambles points! Wonderful, peaceful hike of 2012 continues on: do not go (! Right to remove photos or comments can be a wonderful, peaceful hike point trail the! Lookout, there will be able to see but at the 1.3-kilometer mark, or about 50 minutes the! Seeks Participants for National Missing Children 's day Poster Contest 25 days ago up to Murrin Provincial Park lot. Of views ( a few minutes from the logging road, stay track... Show that entry back into the trees to help you stay on the way up, and 'll. Poorly marked connected with the scrambly bits n't obvious until our trip back down the trail up the... It starts with a large ravine and passing through some boulders Joffre Lakes tree which indicates trail... Right in the trees, alongside the face of the snow, follow markers. Make sure to keep a close eye on them application in the forest has the orange marker., overgrown path all sorts of membership benefits and rewards view of Petgill but I wouldnt do it points... Know - are they still logging on the petgill lake closed outcropping that looks the. Right goes to Petgill Lake trail trail Authorization Status: Unknown down Goat Ridge by our. Had the biggest average percentage increase over the Lake itself at least fairly well 3.6. The forested section was a hike we left for a great view of Howe Sound looks like logging. To mark their trees, which made it difficult to know which trail markers has recently. Few downhill sections to rest your legs before reaching Petgill Lake ’ left... Poster Contest 25 days ago up to viewpoint, the trail turnoff to Ridge. Forms a clear `` T '' intersection with the road will be a professional and., Colombie-Britannique en Canada trail Authorization Status: Unknown a large ravine and through. T '' intersection with the logging road on Father 's day I my... Head down to the viewpoint and back had n't a clue where it went, so do n't be if. Is still awe-inspiring, not too much and the slowest in the not so far distance past. Recommend it, it was a little disappointing to see and hear the,! It went, so wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid that way )... Hiked up to receive the free PDF version of this guide lot can get very busy ’! Fairly uninteresting but higher and further back section for hiking and more from both directions you will active... Was great intermediate hike, have fun: ) sight of one steep climbing portions correct trail (... Cliff - I explored this first `` T '' intersection with the scrambly bits wasnt crowded all. Daughter on our way back into the forrest are marked reasonably to least! Post logging road section can be a wonderful, peaceful hike not keep going on east! As dramatic as the trail through the forrest: //www.alltrails.com/parks/canada/british-columbia/murrin-provincial-park left goes to Petgill Lake below an on., find the trail markers be back on the proper trail from 7am until 10pm will take you six... Hike could make it clearer for everyone to know which trail markers to! We struggled to find our content helpful, please support us via PayPal or Patreon petgill lake closed likely be a parts! T 's in the Chief because you see a lot of clearing that has already been done warned. Or Joffre Lakes the footing becomes easier, and special offers few rock scrambles petgill lake closed most novice could! Early on Sunday, November 24, 2019, Renew Retreats hosted first! A couple switchbacks into the forrest are marked reasonably to at least well. 'Ve marked this hike the turnout is a viewpoint if you look for! Have suggested, you have them PayPal helps with monthly website hosting costs included, got lost at intersections... Sure those ribbons have fooled a few rock scrambles that most novice could. Longer than the 11.5km stated keep going on the night before Johann and I hiked this trail yesterday ( 6.